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What is G.O?

G.O Program is a new concept of 'Talent Sharing'

Sharing knowledge and values based on the expertise each G.Os have to whoever needs support within the community.

Who is G.O?

G.O is our member, our friend, and a partner.

With the specialties G.O have, they will share their professionalism and supports members to enhance the experience in the space.

What kinds of
G.Os are there?

  1. Work : Business supporters, Mentors (Able to support business or work upon the needs of members)
  2. Lifestyle : Instructors of yoga, in/outdoor sports, meditations and other activities

What are
the benefits for G.O?

  1. Provide Credits(membership mileage) which could be used within B-Work Co-working space.
  2. Opportunity to use B-Work facilities for personal work / business purpose.
  3. Schedule your own G.O programs upon your own available time.

Join B-Work, a community of people who create meaningful values.
This job will lead you to a new experience.