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BWork strives to serve our members by assisting in finding their ideal work-life balance on the exquisite island of Bali with the goals of adding more meaning in their work and allow them to progress more effectively.

We believe this experience starts with a group of people with a clear purpose and
passion for creating meaningful values. Join our community and share your motivations.

Our Program

Our Specialized Program


Community of people creating
meaningful values

What is

G.O (Global Organizer) Program is a new concept of ‘Talent Sharing’- sharing knowledge and values based on the expertise each G.O has to whoever needs support within the community.


Our Space

Primary Coworking space
which starts small variation


Our Space is committed to bringing the best work space experience to entrepreneurs, traveling professionals, small business teams through active community interactions. With our functional design and flexible package, Our Space sets itself apart from other work share spaces.